STATE (Muspra 352)

My solo album State is finally available!

It can be heard on my Soundcloud by clicking here:

I decided to release my album for free as it is only 5 tracks and with myself having very little following at this stage it is a good method for me to try and build a fan base and to get my music heard by as many people as possible.

This whole process has been fun and I feel I have really learned a lot about not only the writing and recording process but how a freelance musician could make a living creating and selling their albums/music. I also know the difficulties they may face in generating a continuous revenue and how you could combine the experience of teaching and performing with this freelance work to generate a basic portfolio career, which would help make a stable living from the music industries.

As always its been lovely to talk and I will catch you on the flip side!


Recording Finished! (Muspra 352)


Mission accomplished we finished recording my solo project today!

We had a lot of work to do including recording vocals for 3 songs, recording the instrumental track and overdubbing some bass parts and a guitar solo, but we puled it off.

I feel the overall process was fairly straight forward and did not really take that long to execute but did throw up a few surprises and taught me a lot about the process of recording when you are the one solely in charge. I feel I now understand the roles of a freelance recording artist and the challenges that can present themselves in doing a project like this a lot better and I have also learnt the skills required to be able to make a living as a freelance recording artist.

The skills I believe I have learnt (and what I would suggest other people have if they want to take on a project like this) are that organization is THE most important thing and having a clear list of objectives you want to achieve on a daily basis is crucial when sticking to a time frame. Although I could have been more organized to compensate for if anything went wrong I am still pleased with how my project turned out.

If I was to do the whole thing again, or if I was to improve for next time, I would start the whole process sooner and set myself the task of writing and recording a full length album rather than just the 5 songs. I would also like to try working with different musicians and get a feel for what it would be like hiring session players to come in to play the different drum and bass parts. This would be more reminiscent of what the freelance world would be like and would therefore act as a better interpretation of what the “real world” experience would be like. I would also (as stated in my previous blog post) like to improve my vocal technique and ability so I could achieve what I pictured in my head for the project.

I have enjoyed the process and believe if I was to become a freelance practitioner I would have a better idea of what was involved as well as how to approach the task.

Here is a picture of the stems for when we finished  all the songs!


Here is a few links to some clips of the recording sessions.

I will be uploading the artwork shortly and will provide details on where to find the album in due time.

As always it has been a pleasure!

Recording continues (Muspra 352)

The solo project is still underway and is going relatively smoothly.

It has been a lot of fun playing and recording songs that I have written entirely and I have realized the process is a lot faster and easier when only I have to make all the decisions without the democracy you get in a band situation. However whether these decisions are the right ones or not are yet to be seen!

We are now 4 tracks down out of the 5 and only need to record the instrumental track as well as the vocals for 3 out of the 4 tracks. This will be tomorrows goal.

Recording my vocals for the first time last week was an unusual experience as it is the first time I have ever had to do it. I felt positive going into it that my lyrics were good, the melodies were strong and I could sing in key. After listening back to the first vocals for the album I realized I have a lot of work to do to develop my vocal abilities. The vocals did not sound bad as they were in key and clear but the tonality and dynamics were lacking and because of that the vocals sound mundane and a little boring to listen to for the duration of the song. I have used this as a learning experience and have set myself goals to improve my vocal tonality and dynamic range as well as being able to use both clean singing and distorted.

Here are some more photos of the recording process:

pic 1pic 2pic 9pic 11

I will be posting again tomorrow when, hopefully, the recording process will have finished!

I will then be posting the album artwork and track listing and more soon.

for now have a nice day!

Recording has begun! (Muspra 352)

Recording has started for my solo project.

We have set ourselves 4 days to record the 5 songs I have written and we are starting with the song “Who I really Am” which is the 1st demo track I released on soundcloud.

I decided to record the album live as it would keep the energy and the emotion of the band playing together which is what, to me, is the the most important thing for a band to have.

Here is a few images of us in the zone!

pic 3pic 7pic 8

I will be continuously uploading more info and images as the project goes on and will keep you all posted on the process…but for now its bye from me

and goodbye from me!

The Result of the Final (Muspra 348)

The final went great.

Our new intro went down a storm and we experienced one of the most energetic and fun performances we have done yet.

We opened up with Jamie giving a introductory speech in costume whilst Oscar was dressed as a “creature” ready to hit a gong to start the first song.

(all photos credited to Pascal Pereira photography and are property of said company)

david 3

We then opened with a cover of MC5’s “Kick out the jams” for a full on in your face opener. This was made more energetic with Oscar running around stage, doing handstands and rolling around the floor. (Very much inspired by the likes of Anthony Kiedis).

david 2

We continued the high energy by going straight into our song Alcoholomy before stopping to talk to and psyche up the crowd. We then introduced our new song Beehiving (working title) and it went down great. We received a lot of positive feedback on this particular song and it seemed to be a crowd pleaser.

david 4.1

Following that we flew straight into Into Glue. The ending for this song always gets the energy going and during this performance we got the audience to clap along before a few of them started a mosh pit. We then did our usual thing of going straight into Shot My Dog. This offered more of a groove for the audience and they got to dance and relax a little before we brought up the energy one last time for Snakebite.

As our closing song, Snakebite always has a big jam section where we make as much noise and as much energy as possible to be remembered by. This particular performance was very tight and had myself lying on the floor whilst soloing and Oscar jumping around the stage.

david 1

Despite our strong performance we unfortunately did not win and the award went to Idle Empire however it did open the doors for us to play the Simon Says festival in July! We are extremely looking forward to this and plan to do something huge for it, which in turn may open up even more doors for us.

Will keep you informed on the Simon Says festival and more gigs in due time!

OBS Final set list (Muspra 348)

Hey Hey Hey

We have decided to do something special for the OBS final and we are trying to decide between two different set lists.

We have come up with the idea for a introduction speech with some creepy ery music in the background whilst we walk on stage and then we will open up with MC5 “Kick Out The Jams” in keeping with our usual high energy hectic opener.

Below is the two set lists we are deciding between.

will be in touch soon. BYSIES

Dead Question got through! (Muspra 348)

So Dead Question got through to the OBS Final! We will be playing at the musician on the 7th of May so come down and don’t forget to bring a second face as it will be melted!

Also we have been writing the final material for our debut album and now have all the songs ready to be recorded. We have just over half of the album recorded already so its looking like only a few weeks left until it will all be finished.

I thought it might be a nice idea to give a little insight to how we go about writing and arranging material so below is a rough walk through the usual process for us.

So it either starts with us all jamming in the same room together and either myself or Oscar will have a riff or chordal idea that we improvise around until we all find a groove/ mood that gets us excited. Or, which has been happening more often lately, I will have a riff, chordal idea or even a whole song written and I will record it on my smartphone and send it to Oscar who then writes lyrics and melodies to it and maybe alter the structure a little to fit the lyrics.

We then all meet up at rehearsal and show the rest of the band where we jam it out with our rough structure written and see how the energy of the band flows and whether the song needs extending in certain areas or shortening etc.

We then write up on a white board the decided structure with the different parts such as verse, chorus and bridge clearly labelled with the bar length also labelled. We then just play through the song until its tight and we are happy with the energy and vibe of the song.  (Below is a photo of our new song still in progress).

Until next time. Toodles

photo 5

Prince, OBS semi final…(muspra 348,352)

Absolutely distraught and shocked over the death of prince. He was, and will continue to be, a huge influence on me. There is not many people that make full use of the word artist and only ever have been a handful of people that have, Ray Charles, David Bowie and Prince just being a few. Prince was an exceptional song writer, vocalist, multi instrumentalist who had mountains of success across many genres and decades but for me what truly made him great was his guitar playing. Therefore it only seems fitting that on my solo album I plan to write and record an instrumental piece in his name.

On a brighter note Dead Questions OBS semi final gig went extremely well. We had a few issues with the sound quality but a part from that our performance was strong and as fun as usual. Our new song Beehiving (working title) went down well and we had a strong reception to it. We were also told that our performance during Snakebite was possibly the best we have performed that song. So all good!

We will find out later tonight whether we got through to the final or not. In the meantime we will continue to record. We plan to record Slave man and Billy no friends next. I am going to be spending most my downtime writing my solo for Slave man and rehearsing it so I can perform it without a hitch as there is a very particular legato run I plan to put in that will be difficult to play at speed. Wish me luck!

will keep you posted on more news as it comes . Chow for now.